How will you survive in the legal market?

Many lawyers are being produced around the world. Many lawyers graduate from law school each year. However, not all such people are able to operate in the legal market.
Well-known lawyers and law firms already have many clients.
However, it is difficult for lawyers who are just entering the market to meet clients. So you have to come up with your own strategy.

First, you must define your own specialized legal field.
You must decide whether you want to specialize in criminal cases, corporate cases, civil cases, or divorce cases.

Second, you need to do online marketing.
People now turn to Google to find a lawyer. Through the search, they search for content related to their case, and sometimes they find a lawyer who can solve the case they are facing.
So lawyers should prepare for online search marketing.

Third, you need to create a website.
Even in the United States, lawyers need a website specialized in marketing. Even in Korea, the advertising market related to lawyer marketing is very fierce. This is a global phenomenon, not just in the United States and Korea.