In-depth analysis of the Korean lawyer marketing market in 2022

The number of lawyers in Korea has now reached 30,000.
Gone are the days when incidents could come in just by sitting still. Now, more and more lawyers in Korea are unable to pay their monthly rent.
On the other hand, in the midst of online marketing, large law firms are booming.

After all, marketing has become an essential element for lawyers.

The “Lawyer Marketing online class” (변호사 마케팅 온라인 과정) can be said to be a solution for lawyers and law firms who knew about the necessity of marketing but did not have easy access to it.

It is rare for a lawyer’s office to generate sales just by hanging a sign as in the past. The reality is that it is difficult to survive without marketing.

Lectures should be filled with essentials for lawyers. Naver marketing, Google marketing, and YouTube marketing should be possible.